Which Real-Life Korean celebrity couple is the cutest?

Cha In Pyo (Hong Kong Express) & Shin Ae Ra (Bad Housewife) --> MarriedImage  
Cha Tae Hyun (My Sassy Girl) & his wife (Non-Celebrity) --> MarriedImage  
Chae Rim (All About Eve) & Lee Seung Hwan (Singer) --> DivorcedImage  
Choi Jin Shil (My Rosy Life) & Jo Sung Min (Baseball Player) --> Divorced   
Eric Mun (Shinhwa) & Park Si Yeon (My Girl) --> DatingImage  
Eugene Kim & Lee Ji Hoon (Wonderful Life) --> Ex-Lovers   
Gam Woo Sung (Alone in Love) & Kang Min Young (Ex-Actress) --> MarriedImage  
Gong Hyo Jin & Ryu Seung Bum (Hello My Teacher) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Han Ga In & Yun Jung Hoon (Yellow Hankerchief) --> MarriedImage  
Han Ji Hye & Lee Dong Gun (My Boyfriend is Type B) --> DatingImage  
Hong Eun Hee (My Love Patzzi) & Yoo Joon Sang (Wedding Campaign) --> Married   
Hyun Bin (Snow Queen) & Hwang Ji Hyun (Please Come Back Soon Ae) ---> DatingImage  
Jang Dong Gun (All ABout Eve) & Yeom Jeong Ah (Lovely Rivals) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Jang Hyuk (Thank You) & Kim Yeo Jin (Dancer) ---> Engaged   
Jeong Da Bin (He Was Cool) & Lee Kang Hee (Trainee) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Ji Jin Hee (Dae Jang Geum) & his wife (Non-Celebrity) --> MarriedImage  
Ji Sung & Park Sol Mi (All In) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Jung Hye Young (Lawyers) & Sean/Jinusean (Singer) --> Married   
Kang Hye Jeong & Jo Seung Woo (Love Phobia) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Kim Hee Sun & Park Ju Young (Businessman) ---> MarriedImage  
Kim Hee Sun (Smile Again) & Eric Mun (Shinhwa) --> Ex-Lovers   
Kim Jeong Eun & Lee Seo Jin (Lovers) ---> Dating   
Kim Seung Woo (Reversal of Fortune) & Kim Nam Joo (Steal My Heart) --> Married   
Kim Seung Woo (Reversal of Fortune) & Lee Mi Yeon (Typhoon) --> Divorced   
Kim Tae Hee (Love Story in Harvard) & her boyfriend (Non-Celebrity) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Kim Tae Wook (Singer) & Chae Si Ra (Emperor of the Sea) --> MarriedImage  
Lee Byun Hun & Song Hye Gyo (All In) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Lee Jin Woon (Unknown) & Lee Eung Kyung (Bunshinsaba) --> MarriedImage  
Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa) & Shin Ae (The Silver Knife) --> Ex-Lovers   
Lee Yo Won (Fashion 70's) & Park Jin Woo (Professional Golfer) --> Married   
Park Jun Jin (Shinhwa) & Jung Ryu Won (Which Star Are You From) --> Ex-Lovers   
Park Shing Yang (Lovers in Paris) & his wife (Non-Celebrity) --> MarriedImage  
Ryu Jin (Oh! Pil Sung Bong Soon Young) & his wife (Non-Celebrity) --> MarriedImage  
Seong Hyeon Ah & Hur (Businessman) ---> Married   
So Ji Sub & Kim Hyun Joo (Glass Slippers) --> Ex-LoversImage  
Son Tae Young (To Marry a Millionaire) & Joo Young Hoon (Singer) --> Ex-Lovers   
Son Tae Young (To Marry a Millionaire) & Shin Hyun Jun (Guns & Talks) --> Ex-Lovers   
Sung Yuri (One FIne Day) & Yoon Kye Sang (My Sister-in-Law is 19) --> Ex-Lovers   
Yoo Ho Jung (Rosemary) & Lee Jae Ryong (Goodbye Solo) --> Married   
Yoo Hye Jeong (Hanoi Bride) & Seo Yong Bin (Former Baseball Player) ---> Divorced   
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Poll created on 2006-09-10 12:46 by azndgn26

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