About this poll: Stunningly BEAUTIFUL, movies that made killings at the Box-office! Gorgeous more...
About this poll: Stunningly BEAUTIFUL, movies that made killings at the Box-office! Gorgeously S-E-X-Y! Multi-Awarded Actress ... The ULTIMATE SEX GODDESS of 70's and 80's ! less...


Ultimate SEX-GODDESS of 70's and 80's !  Vote Now

58.3% 14 votes
Lorna Tolentino
20.8% 5 votes
Alma Moreno
16.7% 4 votes
Rio Locsin
4.2% 1 votes
Vilma Santos
0% 0 votes
Dina Bonnevie
Total Votes: 24
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Poll created on 2009-02-24 22:47 by oliv2068

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  • mhe20032011-10-22 20:04:52

    If Miss Rio Locsin's body will returned back... she will be queue of some matured beauties that shaped was maintained. I hope all films she made in that year will be shown in Cinema One or in TV 5 oldies films. Nice to watch it again..
  • mhe20032011-10-22 20:01:01

    Rio Locsin, is the ultimate personality that will never fade even seasoned time. Her face has distinction to anyone, its complete filipina beauty with anyone dreamt of. I almost watch the movies of Miss Rio Locsin and even Lorna's movie, alma's movie and etc.. but i described the beauty of Rio Locsin has ultimate icon of beauty.
  • zachzybel2011-06-16 22:07:36

    Its's obviously Alma Moreno.She really was The Bold Queen' in her time.She made a number of box-office hits to her record.She really Reigned her throne above anyone else.And that was the real score!Only then did Lorna T.surpassed her.I also believed Lorna's talent.But on the other half, the 70's and 80's was really Alma's time.Once the Sex Goddess, now a public servant.Nice move Ms.Alma! Good luck to you.
  • qw502009-04-16 23:40:00

    Very well said - salamat NORANIANS !

  • THE superstar . NORA!2009-04-16 23:38:02

    ALMA - ex girlfriend ni RUDY
    LORNA - wife ni RUDY
  • noranians4life2009-04-13 21:18:59

    hindi sexy ni vi . kaso ang liit niya (no offense) congrats ALMA sa kasal mo!
  • Faithfully Yours SOLID LORNANIANS!2009-03-14 01:05:17

    Ofcourse, Ang nag-IISANG DIOSA ng Pelikulang Pilipino - Ms LORNA TOLENTINO!

  • cypherpsalm2009-02-27 18:06:42

    lorna Tolentino.. the best for me and te most beautiful...
  • Jesse Ejercito2009-02-26 21:59:27

    Finally, when her movie "MAGING AKIN KA LAMANG" which showcases LT brand of TRUE Acting Talent - Blended with SEXINESS that showcases her LUMINOUS BEAUTY aside from the fact that proved her Superiority in her Fashion Statement - Truly, a mark of a TIMELESS and ULTIMATE SEX-SYMBOL/GODDESS of All time.

    So, there you go !

  • Jesse Ejercito2009-02-26 21:54:51

    As for LORNA, She was not left behind for after DULCE AMOR INA(Her launching movie as an Adult Actress),Leap Year Ngayon Pipikutin Kita,Matandang Damo - Sariwang Kabayo,STEP SISTERS(with RIO LOCSIN), early 80's marked the beginning of more successful movies under her name.

    Who can forget "DIOSA",Mga Uod at Rosas,Sinasamba Kita, Magkano ang Iyong DANGAL ...,etc! - Movies that at the same time honed her as ONE of the TOP CALIBER ACTRESS of Philippine Movies.

  • Jesse Ejercito2009-02-26 21:49:32

    When ALMA established herself as a Box-Office Star in her hits movies like NYMPHA,Ligaw na Bulaklak,Diary of C.G.,etc - RIO LOCSIN bounce back with a Huge Success with movies like DISGRASYADA,Menor De Edad,INIT, among others.

  • Jesse Ejercito2009-02-26 21:45:33

    Box-Officewise, It was ALMA and RIO who dominated this(VILMA, ofcourse was a HOT PROPERTY that time but SHE is identified as NORA AUNOR's arch-rival, period!). LORNA T.,on the other hand were so consistent to prove that majority of her movies were doing good if not a BIG hits - better than the average grossed earnings.

  • Jesse Ejercito2009-02-26 21:41:33

    Enter DINA BONNEVIE thru her successful launching movie KATORSE. However, after KATORSE, her movie was neither here or there. As far as genuine Box-Office Hits are being concerned, DINA BONNEVIE failed to established her landmark.

  • Jesse Ejercito2009-02-26 21:38:55

    Box-Officewise, Vilma's BURLESS QUEEN is a certified hit and a series of blockbuster movies(that let her bare her skin) credited to her. Nonetheless, LORNA-ALMA-RIO dominated the trend and they were HOT that time for obvious reasons - Both are SINGLE that time!

  • Jesse Ejercito2009-02-26 21:34:30

    Late 70's and early 80's marked the TRIAMVERATE of ALMA-LORNA-RIO. They are the Top Screen GODDESSES that time and NO one can argue about this.

    VILMA SANTOS is also BOLD and DARING infact, She is MORE daring than LT and at par with ALMA and RIO, but for some reasons or another She hold a better distinction as an ACTRESS(I am speaking about 70's and 80's)

  • G.A.N.A.P.2009-02-26 20:08:07

    You must be KIDDING! Si Vilma! All I know, is sHE's just BOLD and DARING - If I have to choose, it's between LORNA TOLENTINO vs ALMA MORENO.

    Come on! Yang dalawang yan ang tunay na ULTIMATE SEX-GODDESS ng Pelikulang PILIPINO. Dapat kasama si GRETCHEN BARRETTO dito kasi IBA din ang GANDA at ALINDOG ng babaing yan.

    So, stop HALLUCINATING !

  • Vilmanians AKO!2009-02-26 00:34:10

    We are always entitled to our opinions, but VILMA SANTOS is not just a SUPER ACTRESS but also The ULTIMATE SEX-GODDESS of Philippine Movies.

  • Mark Anthonny Fernandez2009-02-25 00:30:56

    Even by the time She already established herself as a TOP CALIBER ACTRESS, her SEXINESS is still a plus factor in her award-winning movies like "MAGING AKIN KA LAMANG","PINULOT KA LANG SA LUPA","NAGBABAGANG LUHA" ... etc,..etc!

  • Mark Anthonny Fernandez2009-02-25 00:27:03

    When She finally accepted more DARING roles. Who can forget "DIOSA" ... that movie became a certified and huge BOX-OFFICE success followed by "MGA UOD at ROSAS","SINASAMBA KITA","MAGKANO ANG IYONG DANGAL","CITY AFTER DARK" - na kahit di nya solo ang credit, still NO one can deny that LT is a BIG PLUS FACTOR in that movie.

  • Mark Anthonny Fernandez2009-02-25 00:21:56

    Hummm ... biased ba ako! I think NO!

    LORNA TOLENTINO's career was slowly but SURELY. By the time Jesse Ejercito launched her to full Stardom thru "DALAGITA" and "MATANDANG KABAYO, SARIWANG DAMO ..." - LT's career was suddenly curved a niche of her own. Sa totoo lang MAS SIKAT pa nga si ALMA at RIO sa kanya that time specially during 70's.

    LT's kind of Mysterious Appeal catapulted her into Superstardom. Like what I said ... slowly but SURELY until the early part of 80's when She
  • Mark Anthonny Fernandez2009-02-25 00:16:40

    RIO LOCSIN was a perfect candidate since her "DISGRASYADA" was at time was the highest moneymaker and a certified BOX-OFFICE HIT. But after her failed relationship with AL TANTAY(na Super Delicious ng kanyang kapanahunan!)- She wasn't able to sustain her Status.

    DINA BONNEVIE knock her bid via her movie "KATORSE" and it was a SMASH-HIT! However, her career was neither here or THERE! It was in the 90's were she copy Vilma's career strategy. Yun nga lang, married na sya at may anak na
  • Mark Anthonny Fernandez2009-02-25 00:09:03

    I'm beginning to believe it Alma Moreno in terms of Box-Office Hits and being Beautiful and BOLD. However, ACTING-WISE! Semplang ang lola mo.

    Then, I came to consider Ms VILMA SANTOS - for She have both good credentials be it in Acting and Box-Office aside from the fact that She is really DARING that time. Again, parang may KULANG! Don't get me wrong, SHE is a TOP CALIBER ACTRESS and a LEGEND as well .....

  • 45452009-02-24 22:57:31

    As far as I am concerned, si ALMA MORENO yun di ba?

    Specially kung ang pag-uusapan ay BOX-OFFICE success ng bawat movies nila.
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