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About this poll: Legendary,Touched the lives of million of her fans,Great Public Figure,Mult more...
About this poll: Legendary,Touched the lives of million of her fans,Great Public Figure,Multi-Awarded,Numerous and Countless Box-Office Hits and most of all Respected by her fellow Peers - Who is SHE? less...


Greatest Filipina Actress of All Time  Vote Now

45.4% 305 votes
Lorna Tolentino
41.4% 278 votes
Nora Aunor
5.1% 34 votes
Lolita Rodriguez
2.4% 16 votes
Hilda Koronel
2.2% 15 votes
Maricel Soriano
1.6% 11 votes
Vilma Santos
1.5% 10 votes
Gloria Romero
0.1% 1 votes
Gina Alajar
0.1% 1 votes
Jacky Lyn Jose
0.1% 1 votes
Susan Roces
Total Votes: 672
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Poll created on 2008-03-22 0:51 by oliv2068

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  • kathprinceszo92009-12-01 06:59:27

    ms LT !!
  • noranians4life2009-03-30 13:17:41

    are you kidding..vilma only has 10 votes. nakakagaga
  • Susan Reid2008-08-18 05:06:29

    HILDA KORONEL is a very rare species. UNIQUE and always SHINNING THROUGH !

  • GLOBAL Vilmanians Forever !2008-08-18 04:31:49

    No ONE can BEAT even MATCH the STAR for All SEASONS - Ms VILMA SANTOS !!!

  • LORNANIANS Forever !2008-08-18 03:39:21

    LORNA TOLENTINO ! Just watch how GMA-7 pay RESPECT to her as an ACTRESS of FIRST CALIBER !

  • Insiang ' 762008-08-18 00:29:13

    For me, it's HILDA KORONEL - complete package as an ACTRESS and even the late LINO BROCKA can attest on it !

  • 30242008-07-25 16:50:12

    Ako'y isan GANAP na LORNANIANS! I go for Ms LORNA TOLENTINO all the way!
  • 30152008-07-25 02:33:17

    LOLITA RODRIGUEZ all the way!
  • ww002008-07-23 03:45:06

    LORNA T. successfully blended her TWO Most IMPORTANT roles in her life - being a TOP CALIBER ACTRESS and GREAT WIFE,MOTHER and STRONG WOMAN. Yan ang ikinalamang nya sa KANILA.

    Acting Awards, Trophies and various Recognitions/Nominations are just one of the Most Important Factors to be considered but still - GOOD and RIGHT ATTITUDE plus luminous INNER BEAUTY are the BEST CRETERION to determine the REAL WINNE.
  • 90112008-07-15 21:28:18

    NORA AUNOR is second to NONE!
  • gh242008-07-13 01:58:10

    LORNA TOLENTINO is simply the BEST! But I like NORA and LOLITA also!
  • inverh2008-06-22 04:10:17

  • Mga UOD at ROSAS2008-06-20 04:50:21

  • az012008-06-11 03:48:35

    Sorry, LOLITA RODRIGUEZ lang ang may K na tawagin Greatest Actress of All Time!
  • qw982008-06-10 17:05:43

    Lahat sila DESERVING but if I have to choose one, si LOLITA RODRIGUEZ yun!
  • ax702008-06-04 04:26:02

    LOLITA RODRIGUEZ - wala ng IBA pa!
  • ax702008-06-04 04:26:00

    LOLITA RODRIGUEZ - wala ng IBA pa!
  • bitchyMelon2008-05-28 02:48:23

    Wala akong itulak kabigin. Lahat ay pawang mga BATING at MAHUHUSAY but in some major aspects, I go for Miss LORNA TOLENTINO!
  • Sheryl FockPOK!2008-04-21 02:37:30

    Lahat ay pawang MAHUHUSAY at sino man sa kanila ay talagang deserving ma maging Greatest Actress ng Pelikulang Pilipino!
  • zx002008-04-17 03:52:13

    Honestly, I LIKE THEM ALL. For me they are all GREAT ACTRESSES in their own rights.
  • Dina HAS BEEN2008-04-14 04:32:55

    LORNA TOLENTINO - Not just an Actress, indeed a SUPERLATIVE ACTRESs.
  • Banz2008-04-12 03:14:30

    GLORIA ROMERO - The First, The Original and Most Durable Movie QUEEN of All Time.
  • Dina bale na lang - LAOS!2008-04-11 01:32:35

    I always love a simple and yet FORCEFUL performance and that is why I go for LORNA TOLENTINO!
  • junard VALAHURA2008-04-10 02:32:04

    LORNA TOLENTINO - Subtle and yet so Powerful!
  • 00042008-04-06 03:03:51

    Least you guyz don't IGNORE the ORIGINAL QUEEN of Philippine Movies - GLORIA ROMERO!
  • p0152008-04-05 03:18:49

    Sa Greatest Actress of Philippine Cinema - Ms LOLITA RODRIGUEZ !
  • JNNG2008-04-02 15:00:44

    The one and only Ms. Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano!
  • perPEK !2008-03-29 18:12:03

    Like what I've said, maka LT ako but I really impress with Lolita's great acting talent.

  • perPEK !2008-03-29 18:10:08

    Naman TiFUCKlong, bat galit ka? Hummmp ... ang pikon - TALO!
  • Tiffany20082008-03-25 02:54:28

    No problem PEKTA este perPEK, choice mo yan.
  • perPEK !2008-03-24 00:06:05

    Maka LT ako but since LOLITA RODRIGUEZ is here, I vote her all the way. Sorry uli Tiffany 2008!
  • Tiffany20082008-03-23 23:07:40

    She may not be the Superstar or someone who holds a distinction of millions of Supporter but when She Acts, She always`fill the bill of every role she portrayed.Very Professional,Discipline and most of all She tackles Her role so smoothly and the way it should be. No doubt my choice is no other than Miss LORNA TOLENTINO !
  • 00012008-03-23 22:43:48

    Ofcourse the Star for All Season, Ms VILMA SANTOS.
  • luig4u2008-03-22 16:03:07

    Sa nag-iisang SUPERSTAR - Ms NORA AUNOR!
  • HASBEEN FOREVER!2008-03-22 03:37:35

    My choices are Lolita Rodriguez,Nora Aunor and Lorna Tolentino but Lolita is the BEST!
  • oliv20682008-03-22 02:53:42

    Talent, Acting Ability, Quality Movies aand Respect coming from their Peers. These are the reasons`why the afforementioned ACTRESSES are Legendary.
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